This reporting system is not for making general complaints. If you would like to make a complaint please click for further advice https://www.buckingham.ac.uk/about/handbooks/regulations-handbook/
If you’re worried about someone else's mental health and wellbeing, there are a number of things you can do. 

  1. Talk
  2. Report
  3. Get support

Talk -

If you're worried about someone, you can check in with them and see how they are, and if they feel comfortable to talk through any concern. However, if you're not sure please reach out to a mental health advisor for a confidential chat on 01280 820200 or to book a triage appointment. 

If believe someone is in immediate danger or seriously injured, you can call 999 (or 112 from a mobile) or NHS 111 for health advice.

For staff HR offer free confidential advice and help under the EAP (Employee Assist Programme) Spectrum Life.

Report - 

You can make an anonymous disclosure which will allow us to investigate mental wellbeing concerns in particular areas of the organisation.

Get support - 

Please visit our general support pages to signpost the person affected, or if you want to discuss how you can best support someone. 

 Call Security at Buckingham 07860834802 or at Crewe 01270 353131 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened